Photography Business Education

What is a VIP Photographer Day?

A VIP day is a ONE-ON-ONE ALL DAY INTENSIVE custom designed to your business. Within that day, your business will experience a TRANSFORMATION that results in your business running more SMOOTHLY and EFFORTLESSLY long term so that you can spend time on the areas of your business that make you the most excited.

Are you needing help with your CMO (Client Management Software) so that all your communication is in one place and all your forms are easy to access?


Are you looking to streamline your business so that you spend less time recreating the wheel every time you receive a new lead?


Do you need a better record keeping system so that you can track your growth long term?


Do you need to update your old brochures and other forms to reflect how your business has changed over time?


Are you wanting to start a photography business but are overwhelmed by where to begin?

Using a 5 step process, I’ve helped dozens of photographers implement a workflow that gains them back countless hours of their lives and transforms potential clients into booked clients.