Honest moments of connection, captured at the perfect instant, can create your most precious memories. Our goal: images of family, high school seniors, maternity, and couples that transcend pictures to become your favorite forever art.


*Visiting Jackson Hole or Telluride? We know them and we happily travel.



My view of the world was transformed with my first photography class. Whether playing pretend with my girls, visiting a new place, exploring the mountains, or scouting and working a session, I see moments of color and composition, beautiful light and contrast, sparks of intimacy and wonder. Textures and patterns of the landscape are always an integral, natural part of the story.

Cultivating an experience for you and your loved ones, capturing and celebrating these moments of fleeting beauty, and composing them into timeless pieces for you to enjoy – this is what brings me joy. For more than ten years, my art has been bringing your art to life: heirloom-quality portraits shot in the mountains of the American West. After our immersive alpine session, you won’t be surprised when the magic of these mountains begins calling you back.

Our final result is a tribute to the time and thought you invested into these portraits; the research, preparation, and anticipation will be honored in these images and witnessed by generations to come. My goal is to create enduring pieces, art so beautiful and so timeless that it will easily outlive us both.


Sweet Moments of Your Loved Ones to Last Generations


Whether you just welcomed your precious baby into the world or your baby is going off to college, portrait sessions are the perfect way to capture and display a particular season in your lives.

There’s no better way to preserve and showcase your memories than through our handcrafted, professional grade, heirloom-quality products.

We will work with you from beginning to end on styling and location to curate final products that blend with and enhance your home aesthetic.

“Trying to describe the power of a photograph is like trying to explain what love is.”

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