What makes a great portrait?

What attributes make us come back to look at it over and over again?

How can I show the connections my clients have with their loved ones?

How can I help my clients live in the moment, not merely pose in it?

These are the questions driving me and my work these days. To me, a great portrait reveals personality, is beautiful to look at, and captures an element of the human spirit. Since my first photography class with esteemed portrait photographer Craig Dale, I have not been able to see the world the same. Whether I’m playing pretend with my girls, visiting a new place, or working a session, I see moments of color and composition, beautiful light and contrast, intimacy and wonder. My good fortune of living in the remarkable mountains of Park City, and having photography to capture these moments and send them out into the world, is not lost on me.


I view my images as individual canvases to showcase personalities within a natural and colorful setting. I want my final images to have the feel of a painting, almost like a photograph of a painting. Nature, and especially the mountains, is a character in many of my images, just as much as if another member of the family. I look for texture and patterns in nature and use them to tell a story about people and a time that is being celebrated and honored.


I know first hand all of the jitters that may come from being in front of the camera. I also understand all of the balls you need to juggle when planning a family session or destination wedding in an unfamiliar place.

The personal connections I build throughout my process are so important leading up to our session together. The goal is for you and your loved ones to have fun, relax, and just be in the moment rather than pose in it. That’s when the camera magic truly happens. When all is said and done and the session is over, I want my clients to walk away feeling like they just did something really fun and memorable. No child torture sessions or mom guilt allowed!


For eight years I taught high school English in the New York City area, working to inspire young adults to develop their own creative voices. As I furthered my photography education, taking classes and pursuing my own creative projects, and then started my own family, I realized how much I love to hear the stories of other families. It is my interest in human connections and in the human experience that makes portrait and wedding photography my dream job.